Lazaros Pechlivanidis


Lazaros Pechlivanidis got involved with the art of hagiography at the age of 19 and he started as self-taught. A significant point to his evolution as a hagiographer was the artistic guidance he received at the Monastery of Xenophon in Mount Athos where he stayed for quite a long time. His deep involvement with the sacred art of hagiography during his staying at the Monastery and his apprenticeship into its secrets by the hagiographers Father Luke and Father David, gave him the utmost love for what he does until today.

A major point to his course was his training next to Father Paul, who at that time was the Abbot of the Cloister of Saint Andrew on Mount Athos,

What defines Lazaros Pechlivanidis as an artist and has set his mark at the Modern Hagiography, is his ability that by remaining faithful to the Byzantine tradition and getting inspired by the ecclesiastical texts, he can compose new images and scenes based on the lives and martyrdoms of the saints which have not yet been imprinted.

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